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Forest Fun

Kids _ Bubbles
What happens at Forest Fun?

Parents, children and staff meet at Peckham Rye Park Cafe and then head together to the nature garden. We get dressed into our door clothing and welcome the children and remind them how to play safely.

We look for any changes to the outdoor environment from the weather or the changing seasons

We then share an activity to help the children to become comfortable with the area. There is then plenty of time for everyone to explore the area and children can follow their own interests- which might include:

  • Exploring the natural world- “wandering and wondering!”

  • Creating a picture on the ground using sticks, mud and leaves

  • Making a nest or a shelter for an animal

  • Making a collection of natural materials.


To finish the session we gather together for a song or a story and then we say goodbye to each other and the outdoor environment.

How can you and your child benefit from Forest fun? 

The five sessions aim to

  • Offer you and your child time to play and have fun in nature

  • Support your child’s language and social skills

  • Build your child’s confidence, independence and self-esteem

  • Develop thinking and speaking skills

  • Help appreciate and care for the natural environment

  • Support you and your child’s health and well-being.

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