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Paper Roll Ladybug Craft


  • empty kitchen roll

  • black paint or crayons

  • coloured black and red paper

  • scissors

  • glue

  • googly eye
















  • Step 1: Start by painting the paper roll in black or you can colour using a black crayon or a felted pen.


  • Step 2: Cut two antennae from the black paper and stick them inside of the roll, letting them out.


  • Step 3: Add a pair of googly eyes if you have them or you can draw a pair of eyes and cut them out to stick it on

  • Step 4: Cut a circle out of the red paper (use a lid or a small round object)


  • Step 5: Cut the circle in half, that will be the ladybug wings.


  • Step 6 :Using a black felted pen/crayon or finger paint make the spots of the ladybug wings


  • Step 7: Apply a little bit of glue on the front of the ladybug’s body, just under the eyes to stick the wings. Stick one then the other


  • Step 8: Your craft is now ready. Enjoy it! Have fun playing with it!!

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