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Elmer the Elephant

  • Empty plastic milk jug

  • Colourful tissue paper/coloured paper cut it in small squares

  • Scissor and glue stick

  • 2 goodly eyes. If you don’t have them draw and colour on a piece of paper, cut it out and stick it on.

  • Extra plain paper to cut out the shape of the ears













































Step 1:  Cut out the milk jug to result in a shape of an elephant. The handle can be the trunk and make sure you cut the shape of the elephant’s legs (see picture). Ask a grownup for help when cutting the jug. Don’t forget the tail to!!


Step 2: Now start sticking the colourful tissue paper on the elephant shape, then add the eyes.


Step 3: Draw two ears shape and cut it out, then stick the colourful tissue paper on them.


Step 4: Stick the ears on the elephant’s head. Now your Elmer is ready and you can play with it or read a story and make it come alive.

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