Messy Sensory Play for babies and Toddlers

Messy Sensory Play for babies and Toddlers

Creating sensory messy fun play for babies can be difficult as they tend to put everything in to their mouth. I will put down a few ideas for you to create at home safe messy play for your babies and toddlers with the ingredients that you have in your kitchen.

  • Sensory Spaghetti 
  1. Cook the spaghetti as you usually do and let it cool down
  2. Give the spaghetti to you baby or toddler in a tray at the table or it can be on the floor. Make sure you put a protection sheet underneath.

Tips: Children can pull and tag the strands and feel the texture of the spaghetti with their fingers or squishy squashy them. It is safe to put in to their mouth as it is completely edible. This activity can be so attractive for your baby or toddler and they can have so much fun.

  • Plain Yoghurt
  1. If you have any yogurt leftover in the fridge, why don’t you put it on a tray and give it to your baby or toddler to have some messy play fun with it. Instead of using paint the yogurt is safe for them in case it goes to their mouth.

Tips: Babies can feel the texture or make different patterns in to the yogurt just like with paint. It can also taste the yogurt which is totally safe to do it. 

  • Edible Sand
  1. Edible sand it can be a great opportunity for your baby to feel the sand like texture without worrying that it will go in to their mouth.You can make the sand by blending any of those: crackers, cheerios or mixing oil and flower

Tips: add some cups or spoons to keep the child occupied and raise interest in the play.

“Make sure you supervise your child at all the time during their play”.