Making a sensory bottle and shaker for your baby


  • 2 empty and clean little water bottles
  • a few colourful pompoms (or: colourful materials, colourful feathers)
  • little bit of rice (for the shaker or use anything else: little stones, beans, sand)
  • tape


  • Step 1: Add some colourful pompoms in one of the bottle, then place the lid. Use the sellotape to seal the lid.

  • Step 2: Using the other bottle to add some rice or anything else you like to make a shaker for the baby. Seal the bottle with tape.

TIP: The sensory bottles are a great tool to stimulate the baby’s senses. You can move it and shake it around and the baby will follow your movements to look after the bottle, it helps to strength the baby’s muscle, will stimulate baby visual, hearing and touch (if the baby is old enough to hold the bottle).

You can use the shaker to sing along with your baby, it helps their brain development. When you sing to your baby they bond with you and your voice.